Educational Camps

During our educational camps students will improve their English language skills in a relaxed setting that stimulates learning. A great part of the learning process will take part in the real world outside of classrooms. Practical experience with a wide range of topics during field trips will enable students to learn more effectively. Our experienced teachers will guide students on their learning journey and help them to both understand and appreciate the people around them as well as their environment. Besides language learning the development of social skills is integral to our camps. We teach values of care, honesty, respect and responsibility. During various group activities students will build up confidence through success and make new friendships that can last for a lifetime.

Suisse Plus Educational Camps – Our Promise:

Improve your English

We deliver the English language in a way that is interactive, entertaining and relates to childrens’ experiences in their home country as well as to their experiences during the camp. The participation in tasks, competitions and games together and in small groups will introduce them to new words and phrases and improve their communication skills. Students will gain confidence to speak more fluently and engage in conversations. With growing confidence and speaking practice they will be able to finally make presentations to an audience.

For students advanced at speaking we will focus on the more difficult writing skills. Our dedicated teachers know how to navigate around the pitfalls of English writing. Solid writing skills are key to academic and professional success. We will therefore improve the quality and confidence of students’ writing with a variety of exercises such as essay writing.

Active outdoor learning

Our camps provide a hands-on outdoor learning opportunity that is not taught in schools. On field trips students learn in a practical way about culture, people, environment, arts & music as well as political issues of the country travelled. Students learn through what they do and through what they discover which allows for a long-lasting learning. We provide students with a solid understanding of the local culture and a real insight into local peoples’ way of life. This will make them reflect on their own country and will lead to enhanced awareness for cultural, global and diversity issues.

Improving social skills

During our camps we will offer a variety of activities where students work together to solve problems. This will improve their confidence and collaborative working and communication skills. Our focus on outdoor activities make for a perfect playground to improve social skills such as honesty, respect for each other and accountability for actions. We educate students to become clear-thinking and responsible citizens and motivate them to participate in activities that improve the lives of others and the environment. On our field trips students will get a practical understanding of challenges and solutions to local problems in the host country and we will guide them to reflect about similar issues in their own country. Our education camps offer students with a holistic understanding of a place that at first was foreign to them. This will ultimately enable them to take on greater challenges socially and academically.

Our Teachers:

Gavino Strebel

Gavino grew up in Switzerland. As a geographer he has a great passion for the outdoors and travelling. He has worked in exciting jobs such as nature conservation in Switzerland and for development aid projects in Indonesia and Vietnam. In Vietnam he also worked as a tour guide for outdoor tours in English language aimed at making Vietnamese kids understand and appreciate nature. Gavino has an excellent knowledge of education institutions in Europe and has graduated from prestigious universities such as University College London, King's College London and University of Zurich.

Leonard Street & Anna Jansen

Leonard Street is a high school teacher from London. His love for the outdoors and nature led him to complete a Master's course at University College London in Nature Conservation. He currently works as a Geography teacher in the English language at an international high school in Düsseldorf (Germany). As a typical Englishman, he has a great sense of humour and is well-loved by his students.

Anna Jansen works as a high school biology teacher in Düsseldorf (Germany). She has spent considerable time in the UK working for wildlife conservation projects. She loves to share her knowledge about the natural wonders of our planet and inspire children to take care of our planet.

Cornelia Masciadri

Cornelia is a translator & interpreter for English, French and Italian. She is an expert in languages and has been teaching languages to various audiences including migrants and children for decades. She earned a specialised degree in criminal justice interpretation and regularly works as an interpreter for courts and police. She is also a trained theatre actress and classical singer.